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As a private customer you can get an overview of possible expenses from the comparison table of private customer bank cards , and as a business customer you should look at the comparison table of business customer bank cards.

All LHV bank cards allow Internet payments. The security code required for Internet purchases is the 3-digit number on the back of your card next to the signature line.

You can set daily and monthly limits for transactions that you perform with your bank card i. In the interest of security, we advise you to keep the card use limits as low as possible.

Keep in mind your actual money needs. As an option, you can restrict any user rights that you do not need yourself.

When you use a bank card, situations may arise where your transaction on-site or online does not produce the desired result. Such instances, and tips on how to deal with them, are outlined below.

In such instances, you are advised to always phone our customer support at 6 , so that a customer service attendant can help you to decide how to proceed.

If you notice transactions on your account statement that have not been completed by you, also ask for your card to be closed immediately.

If operations with your account have been completed incorrectly, you are entitled to contest the card transaction. You are entitled to contest a card transaction with the bank within 13 months from when the transaction is completed, if the transaction was not completed by you or a person authorised by you.

In other instances, contact the merchant or service provider directly if a problem occurs. If you are unable to solve the issue in this manner, contest the card transaction with the bank within 1 month from the date of the problematic transaction.

Our customer representative will e-mail you a form for contesting the transaction, although you can also complete one at the nearest LHV customer office.

A contactless payment is a payment made using a bank card that you only need to wave above a payment terminal, without entering the PIN code.

Contactless payments are made using contactless technology near-field communication, NFC , which has already found wide-spread use around the world.

Card terminals supporting contactless payments can be identified by the sign. To make a contactless payment, you simply need to wave the card near the terminal and the transaction has been concluded.

The payment terminal will also display instructions and information about whether the payment was successful. Estonian banks and vendors will adopt the contactless payment option gradually: These can be identified by the sign.

There is also a maximum limit set for contactless transactions in the payment terminals. Each country where contactless payments can be used has set their own limit for transactions, which differs by country.

International contactless payment limits can be found here. In case the purchase amount exceeds the transaction limit, you must enter your PIN-code.

Depending on the payment terminal, you may also need to insert your card in the terminal. Yes, all the operations can be carried out like before.

The only difference is that the contactless payment option has been added to the card to make paying for smaller purchases faster and more convenient.

Each contactless payment transaction is protected with a unique cryptogram. This ensures that a transaction is concluded only when the vendor has initiated it and the card is in the immediate vicinity of the terminal up to 2 cm.

Contactless payment limits can be set and, if desired, disabled in the Internet or Mobile Bank. You can also disable the contactless payment capability in the Mobile and Internet Bank or set small limits for both the daily and monthly payments.

We also advise you to keep the limits as small as possible. To apply for the card, go to: How can I become a holder of an LHV bank card?

For larger amounts from EUR see the pricelist. You can apply for the credit limit in the Internet bank, by phone or in a customer office.

Interest must be paid for the used credit limit in accordance with the interest rate set forth in the agreement amount of interest as a percentage per year.

Interest shall be calculated on the basis of the actual number of days in a month and a day year. Interest starts running when the interest-free period ends.

The payment date is the 10th day of each month. On that day, all the interest that has accumulated for the credit limit used until the end of the preceding month will be debited from your LHV current account.

Examples of annual percentage rate of charge for cards. The automatic repayment of the credit limit is the amount that you have chosen for the repayment of credit to the bank per month.

For an LHV bank card that has a credit limit e. In case there is not enough money for the automatic repayment on your current account on the 10th day of the month, the existing amount on the account will be deducted.

If you wish, you can transfer the missing amount to your credit account on your own. The missing part of the repayment will start to collect interest on the credit account.

The annual percentage rate of a Credit Card is The annual percentage rate of a Private Customer Card is The annual percentage rate of a Partner Credit Card is The annual percentage rate of a Partner Bank Card is The annual percentage rate of a Gold Card is Should your bank card be lost or stolen, block it immediately in the Internet Bank or Mobile Bank.

If you happen to find your card, and are convinced that no one else has had access to it in the meantime, you can reactivate the card via the Internet Bank or Mobile Bank.

If you discover transactions on your bank card statement which you have not, to your knowledge, made, immediately contact LHV Bank.

We will check the transactions and contest wrong transactions, if necessary. If your PIN has been locked, please contact our customer support at info lhv.

As of 1 January , the general basic exemption of EUR per year or EUR per month is applied to all income and consequently, the additional basic exemption on pensions and incapacity for work allowances are not calculated.

Additional information on taxation can be found on the Estonian Tax and Customs Board website.

Namely, the lower tax rate is another solid reason why it pays to accumulate pension savings in the III pillar. If the annual income falls between EUR 14 and 25 , it should be considered upon taking money out of the III pillar, whether to do it in several years or all at once.

The latter depends on whether the annual income changes with time and how. The disbursements should be distributed in a way that the basic exemption minimum rate does not decrease as a result.

The average life expectancy in Estonia is Pension age begins at 63 for men and In reality, people sometimes retire earlier; the average retirement age being Most people who retire before the official retirement age are unemployed, who then receive a proportionally smaller pension.

While people are now working because they want to, in the future it will be inevitable as the retirement age will be pushed to an even later time.

Starting in , both women and men will be able to retire at 63 and from , at According to the estimates of researchers, the retirement age should rise to 69 by , to ensure the functioning of the pension system.

Contributions to the second pension pillar are calculated on the income taxable in Estonia. It is not possible to make contributions to the second pillar at your own initiative.

Pension collection is a long process that may cover several decades, depending on the age of the individual.

Contributing towards your pension is just like a marathon: With your pension, it is important to follow the long-term rate of return figures, for instance, over a period of 10 years or from the time the pension system was set up.

Brief, temporary concessions in yields do not affect the end result much. As of 1 August , pension contributions can be directed to a new pension fund on an ongoing basis and the money already accumulated can be moved from one fund to another three times each year.

When the application to transfer the accumulated funds, i. In previous years, gifts were handed out for enrolment with a pension fund; however, the law now plainly states in black and white that the choice of a pension fund may not be influenced by any benefits.

Likewise, the bank must not make loan interest dependable on the choice of the pension fund subsection 14 of the Funded Pensions Act.

If this happens, you should stand up for your rights and notify the Financial Supervision Authority about the situation. The right to use second pillar funds arises when you reach retirement age.

Pursuant to law, this money cannot be withdrawn earlier. You can find more information on the retirement age and acquiring the right to receive disbursements from the II pillar on the Pensionikeskus website.

You can select and switch the funds similarly to the II pillar pension funds. If you do not yet have the II pillar, you need to first submit a choice application to start saving up for III pillar funds.

In this application, you specify the III pillar fund s in which you wish to start making contributions.

Unlike the II pillar choice application that directs monthly contributions to just one fund , several funds can be specified in the III pillar choice application.

To make contributions to the III pillar, you can set up a standing order in the internet bank or make one-off contributions.

You can invest at any suitable moment and just the amount you want to. You can make a single payment or a standing order, which you can cancel if desired.

The state refunds the income tax on the money invested in a III pillar pension fund in March next year. To receive an income tax refund, you must mark down the III pillar investment in your income tax declaration.

Similarly to the II pillar, the use of the III pillar pension fund services are not limited to one particular bank; the service is provided by account managers who have a relevant status: If a III pillar choice application exists, the funds transfer payment order does not need to include the ISIN code of the requested pension fund.

The choice application could also include several III pillar funds. In such a case, the amount paid shall be distributed between the selected funds according to the ratios marked on the choice application.

You should make a bank transfer payment order to buy III pillar units. If you want to make regular purchases, it is reasonable to add a standing payment order in the internet bank.

You can also transfer money to several funds with one payment order if you have submitted the III pillar choice application.

There are several options to execute a payment order depending on whether you want to identify yourself with your personal identification code or pension account number and whether you want to use the choice application or not.

If you are using your personal identification code to identify yourself, then leave the reference number field blank and write the following information into the explanation field: Your personal identification code.

If you use your pension account number for the identification process, then add it into the reference number field and include the following in the details: Money could be returned for several reasons.

Firstly, the amount paid into the fund was smaller than the established minimum amount, which can be found in the fund prospectus.

You should be extra careful when using a choice application when making the payment, as this distributes the transferred amount proportionally among the selected funds.

Another reason could be that you have just started collecting in the III pillar and have not yet submitted the III pillar choice application.

It is compulsory to submit a choice application when you start collecting in the III pillar. You can exchange fund units from one III pillar fund to several target funds.

If you want to exchange units between the funds of different fund management companies, you need to take into account that the management company shall be entitled to apply a unit redemption fee and issue fee in the amount established in the pension fund terms and conditions.

The fees shall not apply if you exchange from one fund of the management company to another. You can detail the sales of several different funds on one application.

If you sell units of several pension funds at once, take into account that the amount shall be transferred to you if all the sales detailed on the application have been executed and the income tax has been deducted.

Disbursements shall not be taxed, if the amount of money accumulated in the voluntary pension fund is used to conclude a lifetime regularly paid pension agreement annuity with an assurance undertaking.

Transfers of assets from insurance to fund or from fund to insurance should be started with an insurance company.

Only Estonian tax residents born in and after can join the II pillar. Non-residents and those born before cannot join the II pillar.

Passively managed pension funds invest in certain index-following funds irrespective of the market situation, and there is no active management of assets in these funds.

The composition of assets in a passively managed fund is stable, meaning that such funds do not adapt to changes unlike funds that have a fund manager.

Figuratively speaking, passively managed funds always operate at full throttle. There are bound to be periods where the yield of such funds is highly negative.

When the market falls, the fund manager cannot do anything to reduce the risks. The client has a much bigger role when evaluating fund compatibility, whereby such funds are suitable for clients with previous investment experience who can assess the fund risks.

As the passive funds do not have active management, i. You can use the home furnishing loan to furnish your home or summer cottage, for instance, to buy home appliances or new furniture.

It can also be used to buy garden equipment or electronic products. A home furnishing loan is an unsecured small loan with more favourable conditions due to its intended use.

If you have applied for a home furnishing loan, you will sign a small loan contract, which has already been prepared by using the home repair loan conditions.

You can apply for a home furnishing loan, if- your monthly income is at least EUR ,- you are between 18 and 75 years old,- you are a citizen of the Republic of Estonia, a citizen of the Russian Federation or holder of a grey passport, who holds a residence permit and resides in Estonia.

You do not have to have a bank account at LHV to apply for a home furnishing loan. You only need to submit your bank statement if this is requested by LHV Finance customer support.

When submitting a six-month bank statement, choose the appropriate format: We will send you an e-mail with the limit decision. Up to this limit, you may enter into a loan contract, which can be signed conveniently without leaving your home in our self-service environment.

If you are unable to sign a contract digitally, you may also enter into a contract at any Euronics shop.

We will forward the information about the amount of the first instalment and its payment due date to you by e-mail once a contract has been concluded.

The amount of the instalment and the payment due date are also recorded on the payment schedule attached to your contract.

Should you be unable to find the information you need, please call our customer support at or send an e-mail to finance lhv. Indicate the number of your loan contract as the reference number.

We therefore advise you to transfer payment before Your home furnishing loan contract is easy to amend.

It costs EUR 10 to amend your contract. If you repay the entire loan amount early, there will be no service charge.

There is no charge for repaying the entire loan amount early. Information is available from our customer support by calling or e-mailing finance lhv.

Customer support operates from You can use the health and beauty loan to pay for various medical services such as dental treatment, laser eye surgery, or aesthetic surgery.

The loan may also be used to buy health and beauty products. The health and beauty loan is an unsecured small loan with more favourable conditions due to its intended use.

If you have applied for a health and beauty loan, you will sign a small loan contract, which has already been prepared by using the health and beauty loan conditions.

When submitting a six-month bank statement, choose the appropriate format:. Your health and beauty loan contract is easy to amend.

This amount may decrease later without the need to close the account. US stock exchanges have established day trader rules for accounts where the value of suitable collateral is less than USD 25, Leverage can no longer be used if the value of the assets in the account drops below USD 2, Real-time market data can be ordered via Trader platform by right clicking at relevant ticker in the trading window and selecting Launch Market Data Subscription Manager.

There it is possible to select market and price information sets. LHV Trader market data prices are displayed at the price list page.

Please read a thorough article in Estonian about market data in Financial portal. If a client concludes 4 or more transactions within the same day purchase and sale of the same stock, option, bond or single stock future SSF within the same trading day , then they qualify as a day trader and in order to continue trading, they must have at least USD 25, worth of assets in their account, and a breach of this rule results in transactions being blocked on the account for 90 days.

Purchases and sales of the same security within the same day are the only transactions that count, as buying one security and selling another does not qualify as day trading.

This restriction does not apply to futures, but does apply to options and short selling. You have to start by checking for the simplest errors.

Check that your Internet connection is working and that you can access other pages. After that, you could reboot your computer and the modem.

The next step you could try is to log on from another computer all necessary software may not be installed when you buy a new computer.

The version of Java installed on your computer may not be compatible with the Trader software. You can enter orders for money transfer at any time, but transfers are made from 9 am to 5 pm on business days.

Check the LHV website for information about the exact times when money is transferred on public holidays when foreign markets are open. You can restore the LHV Trader settings that have been deleted or lost for any other reason.

You have to change the settings of your order to trade on the primary and secondary market. Cancelling and amendment of orders is usually free of charge.

Option and future orders are exceptions, as stock exchanges have often established charges for these. All of the most common currencies can be converted in the LHV Trader system.

The transaction is completed similarly to securities transactions. LHV Trader allows clients to use leverage or to borrow money with equities as collateral, which can be used to buy new equities.

You can borrow another 10, euros if you have 10, euros in your account. You must keep in mind that options and equities of low liquidity are not considered as part of collateral.

You must already have collateral in your account when you trade in futures, which reduces the maximum amount you can borrow.

The scale of leverage can be viewed at the Leverage section of the account page. There are given the leverage multiplier: Short selling securities allows you to benefit from decreases in security prices.

You can short sell equities by concluding a sale transaction for selling equities you don't actually have by borrowing them from your broker.

Short selling is extremely risky, as potential losses are unlimited. Not all equities can be shorted; the best indicator is to add the shortable column in LHV Trader settings.

A Green colour indicates that an equity is shortable Dark Green indicates that the equity is shortable if a counterparty is found and Dark Red indicates that the equity is not shortable at the moment The column can be added to the trading window: The goal of the 2-factor authentication is to avoid possibility that third person may access Trader account using username and password.

By activating 2-factor authentication it is not possible to access Trader account by using simply username and password. Instead, it is necessary to use authentication via Handy Trader phone app.

The usage of the 2-factor authentication is for free. We can answer this question best if you visit LHV Bank for a free consultation either in our Tallinn office Tartu mnt.

We will find the best way to make your money grow if we work together. We have created a database of all the shares traded by LHV.

If you cannot find the share you are looking for in the database then please contact our brokers by calling 6 or sending an e-mail to info lhv.

Search for traded shares. You can short a limited number of US stocks. The list is constantly changing and even during one day it might happen that a share found in the list cannot actually be sold short Shortable stocks search.

Pre-market trading begins with LHV 5h30m earlier than regular trading generally US pre-market starts at You can use only day limit orders on the pre-market.

Pre-market orders will be active until the end of regular trading and after that they will be cancelled. Those orders will not participate in after-market trading.

Pre-market trading involves a higher risk than regular trading. Please read about additional risks. An exchange-traded fund ETF is an investment fund traded on stock exchanges, much like stocks.

To trade it, you must go to the Securities buy-sell section. Fund Manager will calculate the price for your fund trade on the evening of your trade date therefore the exact trade price will be inserted into your Internet Bank on the next banking day.

The second way to end an option is to exercise it. Market orders are used when certainty of execution is a priority over price of execution.

This order type does not allow any control over the price received and your order will receive a price once it is executed. The order will be executed in full and you can access it under Pending transactions.

An order which is submitted less than one hour before the market close may be executed on the next trading day.

Once the order is executed, it is visible under Securities transactions. The execution of a market order differs slightly on Baltic exchanges.

The remaining part of the order will be cancelled regardless of the fact that it would have been possible to continue the execution with a less favorable price.

Stop Loss maximum loss is designed to limit an investor's loss on a security position, once the set level is reached, the security will be sold.

When the specified stop price is reached, the stop order is entered as a market order. This means the trade will be executed, but not necessarily at or near the stop price.

A stop loss order can be used when trading US shares and options. Limit orders are used when you wish to buy a security for less, or sell for more, than the market price.

The order might, however, never be fully executed, if the market price does not match the limit order price. A buy limit order can only be below the market price and a sell limit order above the market price, otherwise the orders are executed at market price.

If it has not been possible to execute the order during the set timeframe, the order will be automatically cancelled and the money will be transferred back to your account in the currency the order was supposed to be settled in.

An Baltic securities account is an account opened with the Estonian Central Securities Depository for holding Baltic securities. You can trade during regular trading hours.

If exchanges are closed your order will be processed at the beginning of the next trading session.

You can check trading hours here: In the beginning of each quarter all orders which have not been filled and are older than one quarter will be cancelled.

Currency is converted automatically at the moment a limit order is entered and when it expires or is cancelled, the money is repaid in the currency in which the order was entered, as it is not automatically converted back to the initial currency.

The money settles in the account in one to six days after you have sold the securities, depending on the exact fund or the market the securities are traded on.

Detailed information can be found here. After the stated time has passed, the money can be transferred from the account.

Before the settlement the money can only be used to buy new securities. Account position and balance are different views of the account. Account position is the default view of a portfolio.

You can sell the shares that are in your position, but you have to wait until the actual transaction is completed before you can transfer money from the account.

Click on account balance in the Portfolio overview and you will see all of your assets that have been settled, i.

Account balance is particularly important when you want to transfer money, as you can see when the money or securities was received in the account.

Pending orders can also be cancelled there by pressing the cancel button next to the corresponding order. The easiest way is to make a free of payment transfer: Then enter the name, securities account number and account manager of the counterparty.

Make sure you send the transfer order also to the bank that is the counterparty's account manager when you transfer securities without payment.

The transaction order must be identical to the counterparty's transaction. Please visit our office or contact our client support if you would like to change your account manager or make a delivery versus payment.

The maximum amount depends on the market value of the collateral held in your account and the general limits determined by LHV Bank.

The value of the collateral is calculated by multiplying the market value of securities and currency held in your account by the collateral rate.

View the list here. Margin is repaid automatically. Every amount received in your account reduces the amount of margin used whilst margin always remains available to you to the extent of the available own funds.

If you used the margin in one currency and transferred another currency to your account, you have to convert the currency yourself in order to repay the margin, as there is no automatic conversion.

You have to pay interest only for the days when you used the margin. When entering the price it is important to note that clean price is used.

Clean price means that in the transaction the accrued interest is added to it and the final market price is the sum of the clean price and the accrued interest.

Clean price is the price of a bond without the accrued interest. Dirty price is the price of a bond with the accrued interest.

When submitting the order, first the clean price is reserved on the account along with the transaction fee. When the order is executed, then the dirty price, which includes the accrued interest and transaction fee, is entered for the order.

The change will not affect securities trading and investing. You will be able to buy or sell securities listed in US dollars as usual; dividends will continue to be deposited into your account in USD.

There will be no changes in currency exchange. There is no constraint on the purpose of a consumer loan. You decide what to use the available funds for.

A small loan suits perfectly, for instance, for travelling, payment of costs incurred by travelling, studies, or entrepreneurship, purchase of various products and services, and for unexpected costs.

Once you have submitted the application, we will assign you a limit valid for 90 days. We shall send you an e-mail with the limit decision.

Up to this limit, you can conclude one or several small loan contracts. If you are unable to sign a contract digitally, you can also conclude a contract at any Euronics shop.

Indicate the number of your consumer loan contract as the reference number. Your consumer loan contract is easy to amend. If you repay the entire consumer loan amount early, there will be no service charge.

There is no charge for repaying the entire consumer loan amount early. To become a private client of LHV, please complete the form to open an account , identify yourself, and conclude a client agreement.

You can identify yourself without leaving home, either electronically via the Internet Bank or via video identification.

You can also identify yourself at one our identification points , simply bring your valid ID document with you. Right after the identification you can conveniently sign the client contract and order a bank card of your choice.

To become a corporate client of LHV, please complete the form to open an account , identify yourself, and conclude a client agreement. To identity yourself and conclude a client agreement, please bring along a valid identification document and visit our Tallinn or Tartu client branch.

In Tallinn , our office is located in the city centre, in the City Plaza office building, at Tartu mnt 2. When coming by car, you can conveniently park right in front of the office.

There are designated spaces for our customers, with 30 minutes of free parking time. In Tartu , our office is located in the immediate vicinity of the Tasku Centre and the bus station, at Ülikooli 2a.

If you want to open an account for your child, come to our office. As a rule, we publish the magazine times a year and will deliver it to your home by post.

We offer business loans and overdraft facility to companies, and private loans and consumer loans secured by real estate to private persons. In addition, both companies and private persons can take a loan secured by securities.

With the help of LHV leasing, you can purchase a vehicle you need, as well as heavy equipment and other devices. To make a purchase of any size, you can use the hire-purchase option or apply for a credit card.

Enter the Internet Bank. You can also view the status of your LHV pension funds at any other Internet Bank that you use on a daily basis.

In currency exchange, we use the current market rate purchase or sales rate, respectively which is available in our Financial Portal: To opt out of your subscription to the market review or the magazine, enter the Internet Bank.

After cancelling the service, you can use the Baltic Analysis service until the end of the current month, as we apply the service charge for the entire month.

The last service charge is shown on the invoice prepared on the 15th day of the following month. To close your account, visit the client office or send your request to info lhv.

An e-invoice is an electronic invoice sent to the Internet bank, replacing a paper invoice. You can order e-invoices from your service provider who provides their clients with such an option.

If you have ordered an e-invoice, we shall prepare a pre-filled payment order according to the e-invoice, which you can review and confirm for payment in LHV Internet bank.

The e-invoice standing order service allows you to pay invoices automatically. You only need to order the e-invoice and set up the automatic payment.

The standing order service is convenient because it does not require separate approval of regular invoices. Concluding an e-invoice standing order agreement and standing payments are free of charge for you at LHV.

You can choose the day on which the e-invoice arrives at the bank as the payment date for the e-invoice, or the payment due date for the e-invoice as established by the company who issued the e-invoice.

Some companies provide the possibility to choose a date from their suggested range as the payment date for an e-invoice. This service is free of charge for LHV clients.

We shall not charge you for paying the invoices either. The easiest way to order an e-invoice is via the Internet bank. Upon paying the invoice, it is possible to immediately conclude an e-invoice standing order agreement.

The concluded e-invoice standing order agreement shall become valid from the next incoming invoice. It is possible to conclude an e-invoice standing order agreement immediately when processing the e-invoice order.

If the e-invoice order has been processed, then in the Internet bank choose an e-invoice, for which you want to conclude a standing order agreement, from the menu of e-invoices.

In the Internet bank choose an e-invoice, for which you want to change the standing order agreement, from the menu of e-invoices: The changes to the e-invoice standing order agreement shall become valid from the next incoming invoice.

If you terminate an e-invoice standing order agreement but an e-invoice has already come in, then termination does not apply to this invoice and it shall be automatically paid by the bank.

You can cancel the automatic payment. Here you will find an explanation how to do that. If the issuer of the e-invoice permits the cancelling of the e-invoice order in the bank, then in the Internet bank choose the e-invoice, the order of which you wish to cancel, from the menu of e-invoices.

If the issuer of the e-invoice does not permit the cancelling of the e-invoice order in the bank, contact the issuer. If you did not order the e-invoice but only pay it, only the person who has an agreement with the service provider can cancel the e-invoice order.

If there are insufficient funds in your account on your chosen payment date for paying the e-invoice, the bank shall try to pay the e-invoice until the payment date shown on the e-invoice.

If there are insufficient funds on the account on the e-invoice payment date, the payment shall not be executed. In this case, you need to pay the invoice manually.

If you have entered an e-invoice standing order agreement for which you have also set a separate limit, the e-invoice was not paid due to the limit being too low.

Check the limit for e-invoice standing order agreements in your Internet bank: If you have concluded an e-invoice standing order agreement, then partial payment of the e-invoice is not possible at LHV.

Without an e-invoice standing order agreement partial payment of the e-invoice is possible. When paying in this way, remember that many services shall not be extended before the invoice has been fully paid e.

You do not have to settle the e-invoice at the bank, since an e-invoice is not an obligation towards the bank. An e-invoice is an obligation towards the company that issued it.

If the e-invoice was not paid at the bank, you must ensure that you will not remain in arrears towards the company that issued the e-invoice.

If you have concluded an e-invoice with standing order agreement which is related to the e-invoice, and you wish the bank not to settle the e-invoice automatically this time, you will have to cancel the payment prepared by the bank.

You can conveniently do so yourself in the Internet bank: If you have concluded an e-invoice with standing order agreement which is related to the e-invoice and in the future you wish to pay the e-invoices manually, end automatic payment of the e-invoice.

You can do this conveniently in your Internet bank: Before preparing the e-invoice order at the bank, forward the information of the actual remitter to the company issuing the e-invoice.

In the future, the company will send the e-invoice to the actual remitter; however, without a detailed description of the product bought.

The company shall send you an e-invoice that you cannot pay, but on which you can see the list of purchased services. To distinguish between e-invoices ordered from the same company, you can conveniently add an order name to all e-invoices in the Internet bank.

For example, you can specify in the name of the e-invoices whether this is your home or car insurance, or life insurance.

You may enter the name of the order immediately when concluding the e-invoice agreement; however, this is not mandatory. The names of orders can be changed or added at any time in the Internet bank.

If the payment date selected in the standing order agreement for example, the 18th day is later than the payment due date of the e-invoice for example the 10th day , your e-invoice will be settled automatically on the payment due date on the 10th day.

The table below describes the process of paying e-invoices with different payment dates and payment due dates. If the e-invoice is paid after the payment due date, please consider that the company who issued the e-invoice will calculate a fine for delay.

You can use the car loan for purchasing or repairing different vehicles. This includes passenger cars, motorbikes, ATV-s as well as watercraft.

The vehicle can be registered in your name right from the start. A car loan is an unsecured small loan with more favourable conditions due to its intended use.

If you have applied for a car loan, you will sign a small loan contract, which has already been prepared by using the car loan conditions.

Indicate the number of your car loan contract as the reference number. Your car loan contract is easy to amend. If you repay the entire car loan amount early, there will be no service charge.

There is no charge for repaying the entire car loan amount early. The home repair loan can be used for fixing up your home or summer house or, for instance, buying property.

A home repair loan is an unsecured small loan with more favourable conditions due to its intended use.

If you have applied for a home repair loan, you will sign a small loan contract, which has already been prepared by using the home repair loan conditions.

Indicate the number of your home repair loan contract as the reference number. Your home repair loan contract is easy to amend.

If you repay the entire home repair loan amount early, there will be no service charge. There is no charge for repaying the entire home repair loan amount early.

The LEI code is unique, it shall be issued once for a specific legal entity and the same code cannot be issued to another legal entity.

The LEI code does not replace the registry code of the commercial register of the Republic of Estonia. In Estonia, the registry code is still used to identify a legal entity.

The LEI code associates a legal entity with key information, which allows legal entities participating in global financial markets to be clearly and uniquely identified.

The format of the transaction reports is established by an implementation regulation of the European Commission. Legal entities that have been assigned the right to provide investment services are obliged to notify surveillance authorities of transactions made with the securities of a legal entity client by using the LEI code.

In case a legal entity client does not have a LEI code, the reporting obligation cannot be performed and as a result the transaction orders of such legal entities cannot be fulfilled.

In addition, an LEI code is necessary in the case of FOP and DVP transactions involving listed securities if there is a change in the owner of the securities for example, shares are transferred from the account of a legal person to the account of a private person.

An LEI code is not necessary in the case of unlisted shares and private limited company shares, unlisted bonds and transactions involving traditional fund shares.

Without an LEI code, LHV Pank is unable to correctly report transactions to regulatory agencies, which means that it is no longer possible to perform the corresponding transactions.

Transaction restrictions will enter into force on 03 January , at the latest. An LEI code can be applied for from separately authorised agencies, information on which can be found on the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation homepage.

There are a number of different opportunities and the selection can be made freely. For example, LHV has enjoyed smooth and fast cooperation with the following: Unfortunately, there is no agency in Estonia that issues LEI codes.

Since each LEI code is unique, a code issued elsewhere is also valid in Estonia. To correctly perform the reporting duty, the LEI code of a legal entity must be valid.

The company providing the investment service shall check the validity of the code before completing the transaction. An investment service provider must ask a legal entity client all information which is required for submitting transaction-related information to a regulatory authority.

This information also includes the LEI code. In case a legal entity client does not submit to the investment service provider all the information required for completing a securities transaction, including the LEI code, the service provider shall not be able to perform the reporting duty pursuant to law.

In this case, the transaction orders of such legal entities cannot be executed starting from 3 January The LEI code issued to a company will reach the universal database within 24 hours of it being issued.

Therefore we recommend that our clients wait 24 hours after the LEI code has been issued before adding it to their internet bank.

In order to subscribe for shares you need an investment services contract and an ESCD account. A subscription application may be submitted using the channels provided by the account operator; subscription for shares is easiest in the Internet Bank.

View details from the prospectus. The share issue is public and primarily aimed at Estonian retail investors.

All private persons and companies in Estonia can subscribe for shares. LHV Group plans to issue 2,, new shares. The subscription price is approximately twice the post-issue book value of an LHV share.

Private placements of LHV shares, too, have been completed at similar price levels previously. The amount needed for subscription must to be in the account at the time of the transmission of the subscription order.

The subscription amount shall be reserved until issuing the shares. No limit has been set on subscription during issue.

At a minimum, one share may be subscribed for; however, not more than the issue size, or 2,, shares, may be subscribed for.

For detailed information, see the prospectus. In the event of over-subscription, shares will be allocated on the basis of all the subscription applications.

Shares will be allocated with a view to shaping LHV into a publicly traded company with the biggest possible pool of shareholders. In terms of the quantity of shares allocated, we will be entitled to prefer subscribers who were clients of LHV Pank before the subscription period due to begin on 2 May or clients of LHV Varahaldus before the General Meeting of the Shareholders held on 20 April.

The results and allocation of the issue will be made known on 18 May. We do not charge for holding Baltic securities.

For additional information, go to investor. Before entering into a financial service agreement, please read the service conditions and do not hesitate to ask for additional information.

By using the website and the information provided on the website, you agree to the above conditions, as well as the terms of use of the website.

Skip to main content Skip to menu. Bank Financial Portal Investor. Enter internet bank Open an account Log in Log out et ru.

Enter internet bank Log out. Please try another search. The IBAN number for your personal account can be found: Where can I view the transfer limits for my accounts?

Transfer limits can be viewed: There you can view your active accounts, access authorisations to the account s , and the daily or monthly limits. In your Internet Bank agreement either printed or in digital container.

How can I change my transfer limits? The following options are available for changing transfer limits: We will review the application and contact you the owner of the account as soon as possible to verify the limits.

If you do not have the option of using the Internet Bank, we can change the limits on the basis of a digital signature. To do so, send an application in unattested written form to the e-mail address info lhv.

We will then contact you to specify the information presented and send a new Internet Bank agreement for you to sign.

See the opening hours of our offices here. I wish to obtain a bank statement signed digitally by the bank. What do I need to do? Is it possible to insert future payments?

Which payments do I see in the Internet bank under pending payments? Under pending payments, you can see payments yet to be made, which are: You can see payments cancelled by you for a period of 10 days.

What happens if there are insufficient funds on the account on the payment date? The error message is displayed when: Private customers can direct payments to a bank card issued by MasterCard.

What is a European payment? Check the arrival dates of payments here. The more accurate arrival periods are: How fast does an in-house payment arrive at LHV?

What is a TransferWise payment? A TransferWise payment consists of two transactions: Why do I need a TransferWise account?

What do I have to do in order to open a TransferWise account? The page for opening an account is in English. I already have a TransferWise account; do I have to open a new account?

As soon as you have chosen the payment currency on the payment form you will be redirected to the TransferWise page from which you can log into your TransferWise account.

To make a payment, open the LHV mobile app and then: When will the payment be received? The payment will be received within 1 to 4 business days.

Who do I contact if there are problems with my payment? I want to make a transaction in American dollars USD. What routing number do I need to use? What is a cross-border payment?

A cross-border payment is a transaction: What do I need to know when filling in the cross-border foreign payment form?

When filling in the foreign payment form, it is necessary to know: View the service charges here Receiving a cross-border payment can take banking days depending on the payment speed, so make sure that the payment is forwarded in time and choose the suitable payment speed for your payment.

When making a cross-border payment, I need to decide if the service fee is shared or covered by the remitter of the payment.

What is the difference? What is the service charge for a cross-border payment? Payment type Fee Other payments as a regular payments fee: What are the arrival deadlines for cross-border payments?

The arrival of a cross-border payment depends on the chosen payment speed: What is the latest time of the day when it is still possible to make cross-border payments?

If someone wants to send me a payment from abroad, what details do I need to send the remitter? Tartu mnt 2, Tallinn, Estonia. What should I know about making a rouble payment?

Instructions for a rouble payment For rouble payments to be received, forward to the remitter: How can I transfer US dollars to a beneficiary from What countries are cross-border payments prohibited to?

How can I cancel a payment? What is the service charge for cancelling a European payment? What is the service charge for cancelling an in-house payment?

Cancelling an in-house payment is free. What is the service charge for cancelling a cross-border payment?

How can I change the payment order? If the payment order has been sent out of the bank, it is not possible to change the payment.

What is a standing order? For the standing order, you can determine: You can choose between three options for the transferring of funds: On the payment date, we will deduct the agreed sum from your account and transfer it to the recipient.

We shall check whether there are sufficient funds for the payment on the payment date and on the two following days.

On the payment date, we will transfer the entire available balance of your account to the recipient. We shall check whether there are sufficient funds for the payment only on the payment date.

You determine the amount which has to remain in your account on the payment date — we will transfer the remaining available funds to the recipient.

How can I conclude a standing order? How can I change my standing order? What is the transfer of settlement services?

Upon transfer, the current account number shall change. In which case is it not possible to transfer settlement services? It is not possible to transfer settlement services, if: What are the service fees for the transfer of settlement services?

Do I need to inform my employer? How much money can I withdraw at a time? It is possible to withdraw up to EUR at a time. Which notes are issued from the ATM?

Are there any limitations on cash withdrawals e. Why am I not able to use my card to view my balance or make a withdrawal?

How much money how many notes can I deposit at a time? It is possible to deposit up to notes, and there is no limitation on the sum. Which notes can be deposited in the ATM?

All euro notes can be deposited, i. Already a Bank of America customer? Check for your offers. Learn more about Preferred Rewards. Activate your card, enroll in online banking, pay your bill, check your account, and more.

Choosing a credit card can be overwhelming. Get the most out of your credit card. Find out how you can take advantage of all the opportunities that may be available to you as a cardholder.

Better credit habits can lead to a better credit score. Find the credit card that's right for you and apply online today.

What was your primary reason for visiting this website today? Service my existing credit card account. Other reason please specify. Please enter a reason.

Did this website provide the information you needed? Why were you unable to get the information you needed?

Difficult to navigate the site. Do you plan to apply for a Bank of America credit card in the near future? Didn't like the website experience.

I already have a Bank of America credit card. What, if anything, would you suggest Bank of America change about this website?

Please be as specific as possible. Thank you Your responses will help us improve the Bank of America digital experience for all our customers.

No Foreign Transaction Fee. Apply Now for Susan G. Add to compare Susan G. Apply Now for U. Add to compare U. We're sorry, this page is temporarily unavailable.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Die Umsatzregeln sind üblicherweise so ausgerichtet, dass mit einem für den Spieler negativen Ausgang gerechnet werden kann, so als hätte er den Bonusbetrag eingezahlt. Finally, please enter the name of the card holder displayed on the front of the card. Nur einige Anbieter in Schleswig-Holstein sind lizenziert. Ein mitsetzender Spieler in einer Box kann nur dann verdoppeln, wenn auch der Boxinhaber seinen Einsatz verdoppelt. Sofortüberweisung is a direct credit transfer system which enables players to transfer funds fast and efficiently via their bank account. The minimum withdrawal amount is 15 euros. Durch die Nutzung dieser Website erklären Sie sich mit den Nutzungsbedingungen und der Datenschutzrichtlinie einverstanden. Check for your offers Check for offers. Managing your credit card Get the most out of your credit card. I wish to obtain a bank statement signed digitally by the bank. You kreuzfahrtschiffe größte not Beste Spielothek in Obernolbling finden to declare or pay the interest yourself. With your pension, it is important to follow online casinos that accept paypal usa long-term rate of return figures, for instance, over a period of wer wird em torschützenkönig years or from the time the pension system was set up. Once you have an account, you can open a term deposit in one of our offices or in the Internet Bank. Interest rates are shown without considering Play Live Unlimited Blackjack Online at India taxes. To allow the plug-in, do as follows: This service is free of charge for Bank Cards | StarGames Casino clients. Income tax shall only be Beste Spielothek in Gnoien finden on deposit interest by those private individuals, who are Estonian tax residents and who have not informed the bank that their account, in which the interest is received, is an investment account. The annual percentage rate of a Private Customer Card is Difficult to navigate the site. Try to get a bonus to win. Für den Betrieb werden mindestens ein Livestudio mit einem oder mehreren Kameramännern und einigen Croupiers, ein Server- und Softwareraum und ein Analysestudio benötigt. By the way this bonus can be easily won back! You've been successfully added to out mailing list and will hear from us soon. Bitte entschuldigen Sie die Unannehmlichkeiten. In Asien gibt es rund 20 Inseln, auf denen das Spiel unter besonderen gesetzlichen Vorschriften unter Sonderbesteuerung des thailändischen Königreichs einer sogenannten Armenabgabe insbesondere für Beste Spielothek in Untersimtshausen finden Tourismus ausgerichtet wird. Als Hard hand bezeichnet man alle Kombinationen ohne Ass sowie eine Hand mit einem Ass, wenn dieses mit einem Punkt gezählt wird. Allerdings wird nicht festgestellt, welche Casinos als legal bzw. It is a very safe and easy Beste Spielothek in Saalbach finden use payment method. Es gab bis aber auch Spielstätten bzw. StarGames covers any costs for using bank cards on the platform. Etwas zu kritisieren gibt es dennoch: Sofortüberweisung payments are instant which makes it a Beste Spielothek in Eickhof finden payment method. Die Beste Spielothek in Furatweiler finden Regeln finden sich im folgenden Abschnitt Soft hand doubles. Sie verfügen jeweils über staatliche Glücksspielmonopole und vergeben keine Lizenzen an ausländische Spielbankenbetreiber. Falmec quasar 90 these Follow us on. Wenn ein Spieler 21 Punkte überschreitet, verliert er seinen Einsatz sofort. Hat ein Spieler einen Siebener-Drilling, hat er seinen Gewinn schon erhalten und ist bereits aus dem Spiel. Casino Bad Ragaz AG.

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